Radio Control Switcher (8 separate switched channels from one RC channel)
To use the unit you require a spare proportional channel on your transmitter and receiver system.

The CS8 is fitted with a Futaba J type plug will plug directly into your receiver. The transmitter channel requires a spring loaded stick to return it automatically to the centre position. From a single proportional channel it will be possible to control 8 independent on/off channels. The control circuitry is powered via your receiver which can also supply power to the ancillary devices (approximately 5V). If the ancillary devices work off the same voltage then they can be fed from the receiver batteries. However there is a facility where by, you can add an external power supply, This may be the same voltage or greater to power the devices connected to it. This can be useful if you have motors or light etc which runs off 12V for instance, or if you need to connect a lot of devices, this will save the receiver batteries.
The picture above shows how you connect an LED and a bulb to channels 3 and channel 1 respectfully. The power terminals are screw types. The channel connectors are spring loaded push/release types.

The picture below shows the jumper for selecting internal or external power supplies. (1&2 power derived from receiver batteries. 2&3 power supplied from another external source.)

    8 Independently switchable channels
    Connects to standard RC receiver via. Futaba J connector
    Power Supply... 4.0V - 5.5V (6v Max)
    External device voltage 3.0V - 18V
    Current consumption of control circuitry is minimal
    However, upto 500mA may be drawn by each of the 8 channels


    Length….. 84mm (3 1/4”)

    Width…… 65mm (2 1/2”)

    Height…... 26mm (1 1/16”)

    Connecting lead... 220mm (9”)

    Weight..... 75g

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